Charlotte Sénat

Organisation and expertise

 live with great pleasure every single day of Jean-Baptiste adventure than began 20 years ago, adventure that has become ours.


I have found my role beside Jean Baptiste who thrives with the winemaking and the work in the vines. I mostly manage the commercial and administrative side of our Domaine. I travel around France to meet our clients, but also around the world to share our wine with passionate international clients.


Curious and gourmet, I enjoy discovering works from chefs who honour us by featuring our wines at their tables.


I have also been following my own inspiration and ideas by creating events. Fifteen years ago, I gathered our winemaking friends around a movement called « Le Vin de mes amis ». Since then, twice a year, I organise a wine fair around this movement, in Paris end November, and near Montpellier end January.

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