Jean-Baptiste Sénat

Honesty and Rigour

Jean-Baptiste was not ment to work in the vines. Politics was more his field, from which he kept the vigour of debate. He studied history and political science, he was living the Parisian "chic Rive Gauche" life style. But then he broke away from that path and the cultural stereotypes imposed by his family and went to do what he always wanted: to work with his hands. He often quotes Anaxagoras: "Man is the most intelligent of the animals because he has hands."


Rigorous, pragmatic and determined, he has learned this craft from other passionate professionals, knowing that this craft combines many skills. From the start he wanted to do things in the right way in the vines which logically brought him to work the vines in an organic way. This logic meant that the winery too would also be "nature based". This thorough organic process garanties the respect of the consumers. Our wines remain real and sincere, and both these words suit Jean-Baptiste very well.

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