The story of a close relationship between a man and a terroir, season after season.

Back to the family roots, literally.

Moving to Trausse-Minervois was not a coincidence.

Sometimes you need to listen to yourself and that is what Jean-Baptiste did in 1995.

After several years studying History and Political Sciences in Paris, and considering what was expected of him, he knew it would not make him happy. So he made the decision to move to Trausse, a place where his mother's family used to live, a place where he had already done some interesting and promising wine tests with a friend, who was a wine-maker he met during his previous stays in the Minervois.

Then in 1996 he created his first vintage, he reorganised the whole winery and hired a man who would teach him how to be a true winemaker. And then the real adventure began!

He met some generous and talented winemakers. He read Jules Chauvet's books which helped him visualise the kind of wine he wanted to make: a natural wine, and that lead him to the EcoCert Organic Farming.

Jean-Baptiste works in the vineyards and in the winery, and I, Charlotte, am in charge of administrative and commercial aspects. Here we are: two former urban Parisians who are now focusing on the life we've chosen which is a simple life based on our day-to-day work, our family, the people we meet and our love of the wine.

Everyday we are so grateful for being able to live our passion, for meeting passionate people and for giving us the chance to be close to our three children and share their own life choices.

Our life follows the rhythm of the seasons: the intense periods like the harvest or the more reflective times like pruning while the next vintage is in process and also there's a time of marketing and sales.

We know we're lucky to live in a region where nature is protected and where, mostly for the better, its harsh climate blends with the people, and so everything remains wonderfully authentic.

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